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Still Stringing - Hogs Back Brewery

Still Stringing

Matthew is still busy stringing the hop garden

Working in the order in which the hop shoots will appear, all the alleys of our heritage hop, Farnham White Bine, and well over half the Fuggles hop plants have been meticulously strung in the time-honoured fashion. 

Hop garden in the sunshine
Stringing in the brewery hop garden

Matthew is well on track to have it all tied up in the next couple of weeks, weather dependent!

Strings in the hop garden

The Hoppers will be back in action as they start twizzling, or training the hops up the strings, on 1st May.

Some of the hops have got a real head start.

Hop plants and shoots in the hop garden

If you want to become a Hogs Back Hopper volunteer, get in touch!

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