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Solar Panels in Situ! - Hogs Back Brewery

Solar Panels in Situ!

Here are the first shots of the solar panels in situ!

Solar panels

The team are cracking on at a pace!

Fitting the solar panels

The panels are on both sides of the roof above the offices and cellars – to capture the maximum rays during the day…..

Solar panels on roof

….. and precisely positioned, avoiding the areas with too much shadow.

Solar panels

This first tranche of panels will produce about 10 times more power than the average domestic household panels! 

Solar panels

The new batteries are in the cellar, so we’ll be able to store the energy for exactly when we need it.

Batteries for solar power

It shouldn’t be long now before our first solar energy is generated. Some cooperation from the sun would now be appreciated!

While he was up there snapping progress, Colin even found time to take some arty shots of the hop garden!

Hop Garden from the roofHop garden

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