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Snap Up a Snorter! - Hogs Back Brewery

Snap Up a Snorter!

We all know that the fresher the beer, the better it tastes. So we’re rather proud of our new, reusable, glass Hogs Back Snorter. Filled daily. 3 ½ pints of the freshest beer you can get, straight from the Brewery! Just how our Head Brewer, Miles, intended.

Our stylish Snorter is only £5 (excluding beer) and can be filled with any of our cask or keg draught range.

Look after your Snorter

Our Snorter likes to be refrigerated and in the dark, so it will stay fresh for 7 days. Once opened, drink within a few hours to keep the effervescent sparkle.

Doing our Bit for the Environment

We hate the waste of plastic and together we can help reduce plastic landfill. Our reusable, glass Snorter is all part of our sustainability vision. Just like growing our own hops.

Refill and Save

After drinking, give the Snorter a quick rinse and return it to the Brewery for a fresh refill. Every time you refill your Snorter, you save 50p vs the plastic PET bottle equivalent so your favourite tipple will taste even better.

Snap Up a Snorter

Our Snorters are available from the Brewery Drive Through, Click & Collect or delivered direct to your door with our Local Delivery service.

We’ve hummed and hawed over the challenge of delivering refill beer to your door without a glass Snorter, so we’ll have to charge you for the Snorter and the refill beer. But don’t worry. We will refund £5 on Click & Collect order when you return a clean, undamaged Snorter to the Brewery for a refill. Or we’ll refund £5 on your on-line order, after our driver has picked up your clean, empty Snorter.

Not delighted?

We hope you’ll be delighted with your Snorter. But if not, just bring it back, clean and undamaged and we’ll refund your £5 in full.

Click here to order your first Snorter! in a new tab)

Coming soon!

Joining the Hogs Back family soon will be our new 1 ¾ pint Snifter and our 7 pint Grunter. We can’t wait!

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