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Roots Announcement - Luke Edney - Hogs Back Brewery

Roots Announcement - Luke Edney

Kicking off Friday night's Hop Harvest Roots live music extravaganza on Friday 13th September is local musician Luke Edney. 

Luke is a self-taught guitarist and singer-songwriter from Surrey, UK. Drawing from many different influences spanning a plethora of decades of great music, Luke tries to bring the old school back within his writing and song production to present a classic sound, often driven by guitar riffs or motifs, whilst blending it with a contemporary song-writing style that most can relate. His work is often easily compared to a blend of blues, rock, country, folk and soul, whilst never really always fitting into any one of these categories.

One single could be a riff-driven anthem about getting drunk with your pals and not remembering what happened, and the next could be a heart-felt acoustic number reflecting on love, loss, or dealing with one's own mind and self help, to everything else in-between!

Book now for the Hop Harvest Roots original live music event.

Click here for more information about the Hop Harvest Party Weekend on 13th -15th September 2024.

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