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Renovation works in the Brewhouse - Hogs Back Brewery

Renovation works in the Brewhouse

We have been brewing in our Grade II listed 18th century farmhouse in the Surrey countryside since 1992. Whilst it is full of charm and history, the brewhouse has been long overdue for a bit of TLC and has been given a new paintjob!

This winter, with the quieter demand for beer, we have taken the opportunity to renovate some of the brewing spaces and give them a new lease of life. This has involved new insulation and drainage in the fermentation and conditioning rooms and replacing some of the older timber roof beams in the older parts of the brewery. The green sealant on the floor is not only there for the branding look; it provides a non-permeable surface to improve flow to the drainage and helps to ensure our high hygiene standards.

We wouldn't change our brewhouse for the world as it is part of the character which goes into each of our beers but we want to make sure we are getting the most out of our space. We have invested substantially in recent years to modernize our brewing equipment by bringing on site Lager fermenting vessels back in 2015 and creating a new kegging hall in 2018 so we can brew new beer styles.

The works will definitely make our brewers' jobs a lot easier and means that we can keep brewing on the site for many years to come.

We can't wait to show Brewery tour visitors the improvements this summer. Bookings are now open so hope to see you then.

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(Photos by Andrew Nash)

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