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Pre-order our brand new Brewery Gate Kegs - Hogs Back Brewery

Pre-order our brand new Brewery Gate Kegs

Available to pre-order now for delivery in January or February

Our exciting new kegs will get everyone talking. Complete with their own CO2 dispense system, the kegs keep the beer fresher for longer, even after the keg has been opened. You will get the perfect pour every time. When you've finished the beer, just pop back to the Brewery with your cleaned keg for a refill.

The full Brewery Gate Starter pack will include:

A 5 Litre (roughly 9 pints) or 10 Litre (roughly 18 pints) keg filled with the Hogs Back beer of your choice
Dispense system with easy pouring keg tap
3 x 16g CO2 cartridges to attach and keep your beer full of life
Keg cleaning brush to give it a proper clean once finished

Why should you get this over a different container?

  • This will be ideal for people who love to drink our kegged beer such as Hogstar lager or Hog IPA as it will help keep the beer fresh and carbonated for much longer than any of our other containers even once opened. For example beer in our standard minikeg stays fresh for 7 days but once opened tends to loose it's condition within 24 hours. Beer in the new Brewery Gate keg stays fresh and conditioned for 7-10 days 
  • The keg can be refilled as many times as you like helping us to cut down on our business consumption of plastics and metals. Our standard minikegs are great but the Brewery Gate kegs are even better as they can be refilled time and time again
  • The beer will be cheaper per pint with our discounted refills system. Top your 5L up again from £19.10 (just over £2 a pint!) as opposed to £22 for a standard Mini Keg
  • It is really easy to clean. This keg is yours to keep so it is important that you keep it in tip-top condition. We will provide you with full instructions and equipment for keeping it sparkling clean
  • You can keep it in the Fridge - the tap and gas regulator comes off and is replaced with a steel cap which means you can lay it down and it won't leak

Pre-order your starter pack now with your favourite Hogs Back beer for collection from the Brewery Shop in late January or early February. The kegs are coming from China and, due to the slow-down of international cargo, we can't unfortunately guarantee an arrival time before Christmas. We will get in touch with you when they arrive to arrange a suitable time for collection and a little demonstration with the shop team. Refills for the kegs will be available from the Brewery Shop only so living close would certainly be beneficial!

Buy a Brewery Fresh 5 Litre Keg

Buy a Brewery Fresh 10 Litre Keg

Technical Details

  • 5 Litre or 10 Litre keg includes a metal screw on lid with replaceable and cleanable food grade silicone seal which makes for easy transportation & storage  - both fit into a standard household refrigerator 
  • Adjustable regulator to monitor the mini keg's PSI from the regulator and fine tune pressure to enjoy a perfect head on your beer every time  
  • The kegs are constructed with (catering grade) heavy duty 304 stainless steel making it tough and durable
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