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Over half way through Harvest - Hogs Back Brewery

Over half way through Harvest

We are over half way through our 2023 Harvest and Matthew and the Hoppers are working extremely hard before the start of our Party Weekend.

Over the last scorching weekend, the picker underwent a deep clean after finishing off our Fuggles crop. Next up, Farnham White Bine.

The picker gets a clean!


The last of the Fuggle crop has been picked and dried in the kiln, ready to be baled up and sent to store. We finished with 40 Zentners of Fuggles. For those who don't know, a Zentner is the equivalent of 50 kilograms. A very successful crop of Fuggles!

The last of the Fuggles

Moving on to our heritage crop the Farnham White Bine. The Farnham White Bine hop used to be extensively planted all around here and was prized for its delicate aroma and peppery flavour. After re-planting the heritage hop in 2014, we have revived this iconic hop in our own Garden, just yards away from the brewhouse. 

Farnham White Bine

The first few alleys of Farnham White Bine have been cut and sent to the picker.

The first alley's of Farnham White Bine

A huge bine filled with Farnham White Bine. Really hard for the Hoppers to move and still a Herculean task for the picker!

A huge bine of Farnham White Bine

After the hops have been harvested from the bines, the bines and leaves are recycled as compost.

Leftover compost

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