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Meet the Shop team - Hogs Back Brewery

Meet the Shop team

Whilst various staff members have had to take time off throughout this year, the boys in the shop have been the consistent team that have kept the brewery shop open. If you have been one of our frequent visitors to the Drive-through over the past few months you are bound to have met most of the team.

The boys have become thick as thieves and their infectious spirit and silly games have really helped to keep the whole brewery smiling through these difficult times. One of those games includes the 9 pint challenge, not as dangerous as you might think on initial hearing, but a challenge to see who can hold a 9 pint bottle of TEA at full arm extension for the longest.

They were insistent that that be included in the meet the team article:

First up is Adam:


  • My favourite Hogs Back beer is in fact Hazy Hog cider, the perfect summer drink
  • My favourite style of beer is stouts the stronger the better. Fortunately we have a good selection in our shop for me to try
  • My favourite place to have a beer is Tiny Rebel’s brewery in Newport, they have to be one of my favourite breweries
  • If I could have a pint with anyone it would be my Dad, I don’t get to see him much at the moment but we both love a beer
  • 9 pint challenge: 1 min 20 seconds.

Sam W

  • My favourite Hogs Back beer has got to be the Hog IPA, it is a juicy, refreshing number especially on a hot day
  • My favourite style of beer is IPA, I love how they can all taste so different
  • After a long hard day in the slips, back to the clubhouse for a nice cold one!
  • Jurgen Klopp, because of his of his personality and because he's a tactical genius!
  • 9 pint challenge: 1 min 17 seconds

Jack B

  • My favourite Hogs Back Beer is also the Hog IPA, I think its our best beer by a mile, and is a perfect beer for summer
  • I'm a huge fan of craft beers, and really into IPA's and sours. In the craft range every brewery has their own spin on each brew which is really interesting. But I enjoy trying pretty much anything.
  • I'd usually say in the local after a football match or whilst watching one, but as of late I'd have to say the hogs back beer garden after a long hard day in the shop, nothing quite hits the spot
  • Steven Gerrard, and there's no one even close. An all time hero and someone who inspired me, especially as a kid
  • 9 pint challenge: 1 min 32 seconds


  • My favourite has got to be a bottle of Hogstar. It's a new breed of lager.
  • That's a tough one, I love a Guinness but don't really touch other stouts and to be honest wouldn't go near them if you paid me, other than that I'm not too fussy.
  • You simply cannot beat a nice cold pint whilst watching Watford concede goal after goal, week in, week out. The pints will taste even sweeter in the Championship
  • Phil 'The Power' Taylor, I reckon I could beat him at darts after a few pints.
  • 9 pint challenge: 1 min 19 seconds


  • My favourite is Surrey Nirvana, lovely aroma and perfectly sessionable
  • But my favourite style is fruit beers. Preferably Lambic beers.
  • My favourite place for a pint is in a Pub Beer Garden outside in the Sun
  • A beer with the late, great journalist Hunter S Thomson would be a fun pint, or Prof Bruce Alexander for an intellectual chat over a beer
  • 9 pint challenge: TBC

Sam L

  • My favourite beer from the Hogs Back is Hogstar in a bottle. Nothing comes close.
  • I'd have to say lager, nothing beats a lager with a barbecue.
  • It has to be the beach for me, whilst the sun is setting down in Bournemouth, up the cherries!
  • Barack Obama, an inspirational character, not just to Americans but to everyone in the World.
  • 9 pint challenge: 1 min 11 seconds

Jack C

  • My favourite beer of ours is Little Swine, it packs quite the punch for it's percentage!
  • My favourite style of beer, that's a tricky one. All of my favourite beers are pale ales and I find them far nicer than any other beer.
  • For me you can't beat a beer at a Cricket match, or any sporting event for that matter.
  • I'll have to say Ben Stokes, an unbelievable player who carried England last summer and a huge hero of mine.
  • 9 pint challenge: 1 min 11 seconds

Next time you visit the drive-through, make sure to say hello and compare your answers!

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