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Meet the Party Bands: Morganway - Hogs Back Brewery

Meet the Party Bands: Morganway

“One of the best and most exciting prospects to emerge in a long time.”
Maverick Magazine

Morganway will bring our Hop Harvest TEA Party and the whole festival weekend to a barnstorming finish. The six-piece band are touring the UK festival scene this summer the British Country Music Festival and Cambridge Folk Festival before coming to the Hogs Back next month. We managed to find a break in their busy schedule to put some questions to one of the band's co-founders Callum Morgan.

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How long have you been performing as Morganway?: The band was technically formed some years back by my twin brother Kieran and me, and our childhood friend Matt – who plays keys. We’ve since evolved into the band you see today – which really was born when we recorded our debut album in 2018.

How would you best describe your musical style as a band?: Never the easiest question to answer this one – and without fail one of the most frequently asked questions – so you’d think we’d learn! I think it’s up to you to decide our style, but we have been labelled many things… rock, folk, country… Americana. We don’t tend to follow any given genre… our sound, really, is what happens when the six of us play together! There’s lots of vocals, lots of energy, rocking guitar, stomping fiddle… hopefully that answers your question.

Who are your main musical inspirations?: OK, in no particular order I think these are universally accepted amongst all members or at least agreed on by a majority: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Haim, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, The Staves… some of us are also partial to some classic ‘80s rock a la Bon Jovi and some alternative folk a la The Frames. I’d send you our Spotify playlist but it’s easy to get lost in there!

What have you been up to mostly as a band over the past year?

Writing and recording, pretty much non-stop. We even managed to do a bit remotely in lockdown. Obviously we haven’t been able to do any shows until very recently, but we’ve done a lot behind the scenes, and it’s been a very creative time for us and I can’t wait to share the new music.

Favourite festival performance?

We had great time the other weekend at Buckle & Boots. Glastonbury 2019 was special… Millport during a storm was memorable to say the least… Black Deer was a lovely one. It was mine and Kieran’s birthday – funnily enough we have the same one! – and the whole tent sang Happy Birthday. But I can’t pick one! I’m not sure any of the others could either. Maybe the TEA Party…!

Most unusual musical performance as a band?

Great question! Err… we all dressed up as skeletons for a Halloween show once… but that’s not that unusual is it? Oh! We played in a Tattoo Parlour called Carnivale in Palma de Mallorca. It was our first time performing there, it was after the shop shut for the day and loads of friends and neighbours were invited in. Very different and an absolute treat!

Speaking as a brewery now, what is your tipple of choice?

I love a good pale ale or session IPA. There’s a lot of great craft beer out there these days – I look forward to trying some of yours…

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