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Join the Hogs Back Hoppers! - Hogs Back Brewery

Join the Hogs Back Hoppers!

Ahead of harvest time we are setting up a brand new group to let local people have the chance to be part of the most important time in the year for the brewery. The Hogs Back Hoppers volunteer group will offer people the chance to help-out regularly in the Hop Garden and aims to promote sustainability, outdoor working and socializing with like-minded people after a year of lockdown separation. There will be regular events and activities learning about agriculture, Hop History and traditional rural skills.

Join us on Sunday 25th July, 12pm-2pm for the Hogs Back Hoppers launch event for the new volunteer club at the Hogs Back Tap. Hop Garden Manager, Matthew King and garden assistant Bruce Cornford will lead a tour of the garden and talk you through how you will be able to help out as part of the club.

Update on Hop Progress from Matthew King, the Hop Garden Manager:

The Hops are growing healthily however due to the severe lack of sunshine in June and the exceptionally cool and very windy spring the crop is currently around seven to ten days behind schedule. However, the predicted 10% to reach the top of the wirework by midsummers day (21st June) was achieved.

One will now be adding bio-stimulant supplements to the bines and introducing nitrogen & fertilizer to the soil therefore the crop will speed up plus the weather will become warmer throughout July and August. My suggestion date for the harvest will commence on Tuesday 31st August. - in just nine weeks time!

From Shoots to Harvesting: 2020 in the Hop Garden:

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