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'Hopping’ to it with charity hog campaign - Hogs Back Brewery

'Hopping’ to it with charity hog campaign

Hogs Back Brewery has literally ‘piggy backed’ a local arts initiative to create a lifesize, hop-covered fibreglass hog. Our model, named Hopped Hog, is one of 60 ‘Haslemere Hogs’ on display in the town, close to the brewery’s location in Tongham, for the next three months. Hopped Hog was decorated by local artist Alan Wallis, who was inspired by the our hop garden, home to three varieties of hop including the local Farnham White Bine, revived from extinction by the brewer in 2015. Alan has covered Hopped Hog in hop-heavy bines, and added the brewer’s logo to both haunches. The hog will be on display on Haslemere High Street until June. It will then ‘come home’ to the brewery, following a donation by Hogs Back to the charities supported by the Haslemere Hogs project. Managing director Rupert Thompson said, “We’re weren’t going to look this gift ‘hog’ in the mouth, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Alan and watching him transform a plain fibreglass model into the hop-bedecked beauty that Hopped Hog is today. “Hopped Hog will be a fine addition to Haslemere for the next few months, and then back at the brewery, and we’re sure he will be the subject of admiration – and more than a few ‘selfies’ – in both locations.” He added, “We applaud organiser Brian Howard for launching this ambitious and creative project which will support a number of worthy charities as well as raising the town’s profile.” The Haslemere Hogs project launches involves local artists and schools, who have decorated 60 hogs. These will be displayed in the town until June and then auctioned to raise money for four charities supported by the Mayor.
Alan Wallis painting our Hopped Hog Alan Wallis painting our Hopped Hog
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