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Hop Garden Opens Up - Hogs Back Brewery

Hop Garden Opens Up

On Thursday, we had a ball at the annual Hop Garden Open Evening! The Hogs Back family and friends united for a memorable night of our finest brews, hop-tastic insights and delicious hog roast. What a brilliant evening! With even better company.

Hogs Back Open Evening


Thankfully the weather cleared up by the evening and we were able to enjoy the benefits of a long summer’s evening sunshine, beaming onto the beer garden and neighboring cereal field. Everyone enjoyed their great tasting beer accompanied by some beautiful scenery. Where else but the Hogs Back Tap & Beer Garden?


Our 250 guests were lucky enough to be toured around our one-of-a-kind Hop Garden by hop-specialists Rupert, Myles, Mathew and, our other wonderful tour guides. They were accompanied by a free pint of our flagship Tongham TEA! I can say that everyone headed back home with a greater understanding of hop-history in Farnham, the different variety of hops our beer is made from and, the difference between male and female hop plants.

Did you know, it’s only the female plants which carry the hops, but of course you do need male plants for an obvious reason!

Hog Roast

Head Chef Maria and Mike were on job carving up some of the best hog roast about.

Hogs Back Tap

Guests wrapped up their evening with more beer in the Tap, and if they weren’t full from the hog roast, a freshly baked sourdough pizza!

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