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Hop Garden blog: We have hops! - Hogs Back Brewery

Hop Garden blog: We have hops!

After weeks of feeling like the little burrs would never turn to hops, our Hop Estate Manager, Matthew King, is pleased to report that we are now seeing the first hop cones burst into life! Throughout the Farnham White Bine and Fuggles plants we're seeing brilliant clusters of baby hop cones! They don't yet have the scent and oils of mature hop cones but they're well on their way and it's such an exciting sight to behold. You'd be forgiven for thinking these lovely light lime green flowers would perish at the first drop of rain but thankfully, they're hardier than they seem and are thriving in spite of the heavy downpours we've had. A warm weekend should see the hop garden explode into life, just in time for our Hop Garden Open Evening on 23rd August from 430-730pm. Please do drop in to take a look at the hop garden on that evening, I'll be giving free 20 minute talks about the hop garden and look forward to seeing you then!
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