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Honey, Honey - Hogs Back Brewery

Honey, Honey

Who doesn’t like honey?  Jars of local honey from Hog’s Back Bees are now on sale in the Brewery Shop.

Honey from Hog's Back Bees

Choose from three different varieties in their handsome hexagonal jars:

Hog’s Back Honey
Hog’s Back Soft Set Honey
Hog’s Back Rapeseed Honey

So whether you drizzle it on your yogurt or spread a spoonful on a slice of toast, give these jars a go!

Bee on flower

Hog’s Back Bees is run by husband and wife team of Astrid and Steve.  Based on a small holding in Ash Green, midway along the north side of the Hogs Back, they are nearby neighbours!  

Bee hives in a field of sheep

They started out by growing much of their own food, and the foray into beekeeping began to boost pollinators in the area and to help arrest the apparent decline in the honey bee population.  From two bee colonies at the outset, the small holding now houses around 100 colonies, depending on the time of year, with a successful breeding programme of queens across three different apiaries.

A great local Surrey supplier!

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