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It’s Time to Burn in the Hop Garden - Hogs Back Brewery

It’s Time to Burn in the Hop Garden

If you see smoke billowing near the Brewery, have no fear – your beer is safe! However, this chilly, dry day is perfect for burning the prunings of the hop plants. After the harvest, our dedicated Hop Estate Manager, Matthew, and the team cut the Farnham White Bine, Cascade and Traditional Fuggles hop plants which we grow over the road from the Brewery, right back to the ground. This dramatic cutting back controls pests and prevents disease to ensure a great crop this summer and more delicious Hogs Back beer! Right now, you can enjoy the result of last year’s hop harvest - Farnham White is currently on draught here at the Brewery. It's brewed with heritage hops, grown in our own 3½ acre hop garden and was harvested by us on September 21st 2016. Make sure you pop into the Brewery shop to get yours today.
Hop Estate Manager Matthew burns the hop prunings
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