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Helping Hand? - Hogs Back Brewery

Helping Hand?

Builder Ben and Facilities Apprentice Euan have their hands full working on all the current and future projects.  They could do with a helping hand!  

As a Master Builder, Ben has so many skills and a wealth of experience, which he is imparting to Euan, so there will be a great team working and learning environment.  You'll be able to see the fruits of your labour, working on a multitude of projects to improve the whole site here in Tongham, such as finishing the conversion of the Old Byre West.....

Old Byre West building

.....creating a new 1,000sq ft retail unit.......

Empty warehouse

.....and the refurbishment of our wonderful old roadside barn.  

Old Barn

So if you are free for next three months or even longer, are looking for a complete career change or a great, rewarding practical experience, and already have some skills or want to learn more, get in touch!  Contact

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