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Hazy Hog picks up International Cider Challenge Bronze - Hogs Back Brewery

Hazy Hog picks up International Cider Challenge Bronze

We are thrilled to announce that we have won our first International award for Hazy Hog Cider. Our cider picked up Bronze in the International Cider Challenge 2019 in the West Country Style category.

Hazy Hog is a full flavoured 5% Cider which is made in partnership with Thatchers' Cider Company giving it it's West Country roots but made traditionally by adding back the bittersweet apple juice after fermentation, which creates the Hazy Cidre Doux style of Brittany/Normandy. We think this winning combination creates a cloudy, gently sparkling and wonderfully ‘appley’ cider and we are glad that it is finally picking up accolades on a world stage!

Our MD, Rupert, had experimented with making his own cider for years but the results tended to be very astringent and dry, and adding sugar alone didn't give the balance he was looking for. He is also a director of Thatchers Cider Co, a fellow family owned business, and Martin Thatcher suggested adding the apple juice back which worked perfectly. Thatchers knew how to make it commercially, and so Hazy Hog was born in 2012 and still help us produce this cracking cider to this day.

5 Facts about Hazy Hog Cider

  • First produced in 2012 in partnership with Thatchers Cider Co.
  • Made with 100% Bittersweet apples grown in English orchards and harvested using traditional methods
  • Matured in oak vats to intensify the flavour
  • Bittersweet apple juice added back at the end of the fermentation to recreate the ‘Cidre Doux’ hazy style of Brittany/Normandy
  • One of the fastest growing ciders in the Pub trade in the South East in 2018

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