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Harvest is over - Hogs Back Brewery

Harvest is over

All 86 alleys (don't forget there are 2 sides of hops to each alley!) were picked by Matthew and the Hoppers. That's over 334 trips from the hop garden to the picking shed!


After harvesting the Fuggles and heritage Farnham White Bine hops, it was onto Cascade to finish the job- these are the very last bines going through the picker!

Last of the Cascade

Thanks to all the hard work, the harvest finished 3 days earlier than predicted. Despite the summer heat, Matthew is pleased with the quality of hops and is looking forward to entering them into competition soon.

Last of the Cascade being sent through the picker

In total, over 4 tonnes of hops have been harvested- that will keep Miles busy in the brewhouse!

Hops baled up ready to be stored

With 20 Hoppers a day working at least a morning of afternoon doing all the different tasks, Matthew is personally very grateful to the Hoppers who helped him bring in the harvest!

"If it wasn't for the Hoppers I wouldn't of been able to achieve what I have done" - Matthew

Matthew & the Hoppers

Well done to them all!

If you're interested in becoming a Hopper, the dressing of the hops begins in November. Get in touch!

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