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From Small Acorns.... - Hogs Back Brewery

From Small Acorns....

Work is underway in the kegging area on an exciting new project.  For years, Miles has been hankering after a small brew plant so that he can do some more experimental brews.  Having done extensive research, he has found a 10 barrel microbrew plant and more importantly, Rupert has signed on the dotted line!

On the right, you can see the mash tun and on the left the copper.  Rather different in size to what we are used to!  So we are now the proud owners of a lot of new kit! 

Expect more details soon, but in the meantime, there is the small matter of getting the area next to the kegging line prepped and ready before the new equipment can be installed and commissioned.  After a good clear out, the floor is being prepared. 

Builder Ben, Facilities Apprentice Euan and Brewing Operator Nash are cutting the new drainage channels in the concrete floor…… drainage channels in the concrete floor

Miles still has a few more purchases he has his eye on to make the line complete, before he can tackle decommissioning this plant and the logistics of delivering the kit to the brewery.   

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