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It's burning time at Hogs Back - Hogs Back Brewery

It's burning time at Hogs Back

The recent bitterly cold but dry and calm days of late are perfect for the first job of the year in the hop garden - Hop Estate Manager, Matthew King is burning the cut back, dried out hop plant stems from last year's harvest. After the harvest last year, Matthew, and the team cut all the hop plants right back to the ground. Cutting back in this way controls pests and prevents disease to ensure a great crop in 2018. The oils from the hop cutting make for a really hot, flaming bonfire that will be smouldering throughout the day. Who doesn't want to be near a bonfire on a bright, chilly day like this - we just need to add a TEA or two and some marshmallows..! It won't be long now until Matthew is back stringing the hop garden, though not until the wind damage to one of the corner anchors of the hop garden structure is replaced. The annual hop cultivation begins again!
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