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Bumper Cider Apple Harvest! - Hogs Back Brewery

Bumper Cider Apple Harvest!

It’s looking good for the apples down at Thatchers! 

It’s going to be a busy few months for the orchard team down at Myrtle Farm bringing in the apples for pressing into its beautiful ciders, including our Hazy Hog.

Thatchers Apple Harvest

The perfect combination of abundant sun and rain through spring and summer means the tree are in tip top condition and the fruit is healthy and plentiful, with just the right balance of acidity and sweetness to press into the perfect cider. 

With so many different varieties of cider apples grown at Myrtle Farm and throughout the West Country, as well as specific apple varieties from their partner-growers, , it’s important to make sure the arrival of apples is spread throughout the season from August to November.  That way, Thatchers can press all their apples as soon as they arrive at the farm to capture them at their freshest!

Thatchers apple harvest

We can’t wait to try the new season Hazy Hog when it’s available!

Hogs Back Brewery has crafted the traditional Hazy Hog cider with friends and fellow family business, Thatchers, the UK’s fastest growing cider maker.  Hazy Hog is gently sparkling, full-flavoured cider with a fine haze.  Made from 100% bittersweet apples using traditional methods and fermented in oak vats to intensify its flavour, it’s then ready for you to sit back and enjoy these beautiful hazy, lazy English summer days…and even the overcast days will become REFRESHINGLY CLOUDY.

Hazy Hog Cider

If you are near to Sandford in Somerset, why not take a tour of Thatchers to see how cider is made!

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