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BBQ Beer Pairings to try this summer - Hogs Back Brewery

BBQ Beer Pairings to try this summer

You might not believe it looking out of your window but we are in the middle of BBQ season! Our Pub at Home kits are the perfect party box of beer for when you are organising a garden party. Each of the 17 beers celebrates a different style and makes a suitable pairing with sizzling BBQ specials. We have picked out 6 of our favourite combinations for you to enjoy this summer.

Pulled Pork - Hazy Hog Cider

You can't beat a classic pork and apple pairing and much the way cider works with a hog roast, as it does with pulled pork! The sweet tanginess of the BBQ sauce is cut-through by the richer apple note of our award-winning cider.

Beef Burger - TEA

A traditional bitter is an absolute match made in heaven with a traditional burger. If you want an extra succulent burger, try marinating your burgers in a little TEA before you put it on the grill - gives your burger a really juicy richness.

Sweet Chili Chicken - Hogstar

A nice lager helps to cut through spice and fat and really enhances the meat's flavour. Hogstar has a real depth of character which takes BBQ chicken to the next level.

Halloumi & Vegetable Kebabs - Gardener's Tipple

Our vegetarian pairing would be the delicious halloumi with a nice malty beer such as Gardener's Tipple. The simplicity of the flavours combine to make a combo which really crackles.

Sausages - Hop Garden Gold

Despite it's name, Hop Garden Gold is more of a malty golden ale rather than a hoppy one. The fruit notes you get on the finish works well in addition to a traditional banger or a more premium sausage.

Prawn Skewers - Little Swine

The light flavours of prawns is a match made in heaven with our lighter Little Swine. The slight fizz and hoppy characters works well with all kinds of seafood and, with a lower abv, means you can have another with your second helping!

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