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Bargain Beer Bin - Hogs Back Brewery

Bargain Beer Bin

If you are in the Brewery Shop, be sure to take a look in the "Bargain Beer bin".  Some of these beers may be heading towards their Best Before date but they are still tasting great!

We've even got a "Beyond Best Before Bin" with a few beers that are just past their Best Before date.  The Best Before date is a guideline.  We all know the very best beer is absolutely fresh (unless it is specifically brewed to be aged!) so its character starts to change slightly within weeks of being packaged.  More often it affects the hoppy notes.  But the gradual change can take place over many months and sometimes even years.  So if you buy these beers, they may not taste exactly as they did when they were originally packaged, but should still be very enjoyable!  We would recommend you drink them soon.

Bargain beers

Ranging from £1.00 - £2.00, you could find yourself a bargain!

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