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Award Nomination

Award Nomination

We may only be small, but we’re making great strides towards a more sustainable business - a fact recognised by being selected as one of just 5 national finalists in the Society of Independent Brewers [SIBA] Sustainable Business Award 2024. 

Here are just some of the Brewery's initiatives:

  • Approximately 250 tonnes [dry weight] of spent grain used for local animal feed
  • 120 solar panels installed in 2023, which has generated 9.7 MWh, enough for approximately 30 brews on the 10 hectolitre plant
  • Over 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved, equivalent to 130 trees planted
  • Three 5.2kw batteries will store excess solar energy
  • 130,000 litres of water saved from updated brewing cleaning processes
  • Over 20,000 single-use plastic bottles saved by selling glass reusable flagons in the Brewery Shop
  • Where possible, the Tap sources its food and drink from a 30-mile radius
  • Over 15,000 pints were served to 4,000 visitors to the annual Hop Harvest Party weekend in 2023 in reusable plastic cups to save single-use plastic cups.  Over 7,000 meals were served with compostable plates and cutlery.  Even the drinks tokens were made from recycled fishing nets.
  • Over 14 tons of glass and over 12 tones of cardboard are recycled.  Our agricultural plastic waste is recycled.
  • Our gift packs have been redesigned to remove the plastic handle, saving over 3500 handles.  The boxes are 100% recycled material and FSC certified.
  • We’ve switched to eco-friendly pub clips for our Limited Edition beers [100% recyclable and FSC certified.

We may not have carried off the title this week, but we are justifiably proud of the difference we have made!

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