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Apprentices at the TEA Academy - Hogs Back Brewery

Apprentices at the TEA Academy

We have a fantastic Apprenticeship scheme here at the Hogs Back Brewery called the TEA Academy -  Train, Experience, Achieve. As the new marketing apprentice, I (Alex), have been set the task of providing insight into our TEA Academy. I am currently working towards my Level 3 Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship qualification.

All the apprentices at the Hogs Back work well together, and we make sure to catch up with each other now and then to see how the apprenticeship is coming along. We even teamed up to help pick some Poor Man's Asparagus in the Hop Garden!

4 apprentices picking poor man's asparagus in the hop garden

For those who are unsure of the process of getting an apprenticeship with the TEA Academy, here is a summary of my experience from applying for the job, to working my first day at the brewery.

Starting right at the beginning, I applied for my marketing apprenticeship back in December 2021 on after seeing that the Hogs Back Brewery were offering several opportunities, knowing that they are a well-known, reputable brand who many of my friends and family love. I received a response in January from Jill, our marketing director, inviting me to an online interview after she took interest in my application. The interview was smooth, and I got to understand what the apprenticeship would consist of, and Jill got to learn a lot about me. It only took a week for them to reply, offering me an in-person interview, which is what made me realise how quick and fast paced this environment would be. Naturally, I was a combined mixture of excited and nervous, however both Jill and Sylvia (our finance controller) were calm and made me feel comfortable quickly. We discussed a lot about my future dreams and aspirations, what I already knew about marketing and what it consisted of, as well as giving me a more in-depth view of what I would be doing during the apprenticeship. Towards the end of the interview, they challenged me to write an example blog post about my interview process to see if my writing skills would be up to their standards.

It only took 2 working days before I received the email saying I got the apprenticeship! So, a month later, at the beginning of March, I performed my first day at the Brewery. Although I was nervous, the whole team were incredibly kind, making me feel like I had been working there for ages, and as a lot of you will know, a welcoming atmosphere on your first day can make a world of a difference. The learning started immediately, beginning with a tour of the brewery, followed by plenty of tasks to keep me busy, from researching to catching quotes, to tasting the beers and writing this blog! My apprenticeship is 18 months long, consisting of 4 days working on site, and 1 day dedicated to college work.

Ben is our accounts apprentice, working towards his AAT qualification. He joined the TEA Academy because he believes that acquiring experience is a key value when learning, so that he is more prepared for the future, and to further his career into the industry after. His favourite part of the job is speaking with clients and suppliers to resolve any issues, as he enjoys interacting with a variety of different people and helping fix any problems they may have. “Everyone in the company made me feel very welcome and I was shown the ropes very quickly. I picked it up quickly and was able to ask for help whenever I needed it”. Ben recently passed his first accountancy exam on Bookkeeping Transactions, saying that it was challenging, but we are very proud of him for passing. He is currently revising for his next upcoming exam on Bookkeeping Controls and we know he will do fantastically!


Callum is working on his hospitality apprenticeship; therefore, he spends most of his time in our delightful Hogs Back Tap, learning various skills including cellar management and valuable customer service. Many people have commented on what wonderful experiences they have had face-to-face with Callum, so it’s clear how much of a valuable part of our team he has become. He finds the working environment at the Hogs Back Brewery “easy and chilled out, it’s like a family environment” and loves being able to manage his own team, building his leadership skills and confidence in himself. He has recently completed his online training in Management Theories and Customer Profiles, and we look forward to him putting his new-found knowledge to use!

2 bartenders

Euan is studying our property maintenance apprenticeship. You can usually spot him out and about on site, fixing things here and there with his newly learnt knowledge. With a bright and cheerful attitude, we are glad to have Euan as an important member of our team, giving him the opportunity to further his career into the industry once he has completed his apprenticeship, and provide him with a fantastic workplace experience. Euan has recently completed an exam on Health and Safety, and is building up a portfolio of all his new skills including plumbing and electrics. He is currently working on various projects to maintain the upkeep of the site, such as fixing this window frame and the rejuvenation of the Hogs Back Tap.


We will have several more apprenticeships coming up in the near future, so keep your eye out on the jobs section on our website if you would like to become part of the TEA Academy we have here at the brewery. Fantastic opportunities will arise in several more areas such as retail and brewing, so be sure to drop us your application if you are interested in joining our amazing Hogs Back Team.

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