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A guide to Brewery Fresh Beer - What's the right beer for you?

A guide to Brewery Fresh Beer - What's the right beer for you?

On a usual Friday and Saturday the Brewery Shop would be full of customers popping by to pick up their Brewery Fresh Beer for parties, BBQs and trips away. During these unprecedented times, we have had to think of new ways to get fresh beer to our customers as well as introduce new customers to our services who would normally get their fresh ales from their local pub. To help you out, here's a guide to our beer and how we can get it to you.

Brewery Fresh or Sedimented - What's the difference?

To the average drinker this seems a complicated issue but it is very simple once you get your head around it. With cask ale, the beer is still a live product with yeast sediment inside to further condition the beer. In a pub cellar, a cask must be left untouched for 2 days to allow all the yeast particles to settle at the bottom before being poured. This is what sedimented draught beer is and as it is still live, can be left up to 3 weeks unopened. Once opened we recommend drinking within 7 days.

Brewery fresh beer is poured from casks and thus seperated from the yeast sediment meaning it is no longer live so remains fresh for only 3 days. It is perfect for drinking right away though and should last you a weekend.

Download our Top Tips for Draught Ale guide for recommendations of how to look after your beer.

Can you deliver Brewery Fresh beer?

The Hogs Back draymen will replace the usual cask deliveries to pubs with home deliveries of brewery fresh beer

This is a brand new service the Hogs Back is offering for our most local customers which we are able to deliver ourselves to the following postcode districts: GU1 to GU24, or starting with GU34, GU35, GU46, GU47, GU51, GU52, GU95 or RG27, RG28, RG29.

The reason it is limited to this area is so we can pour all beer for delivery in the morning and then give it to our delivery drivers to bring to you in the afternoon. If we were to offer this service to people further away then we would pour the beer in the morning give it to the courier driver in the afternoon then it won't be delivered for 1-2 days later meaning the beer would be beyond its best before date.

What's the alternative for people living further away?

We are still able to deliver you sedimented beer as this will arrive comfortably within its best before date. If you are still close enough to the brewery to drive-by then you can order Brewery-fresh beer for click & collect or can place your order once you arrive at the brewery.

What beer can I order?

Currently we are offering Brewery Fresh & Sedimented home delivery or click & collect on TEA & Surrey Nirvana Session IPA only. If the trial proves popular and successful we will look into expanding it to our other brands including our keg range such as Hogstar Lager, Hog IPA and Hazy Hog. If you would like to order these products now we recommend you come to the brewery and place an order at our drive-through.

If you are missing your pint in the pub then we would recommend trying out our service and then hopefully when things return to normal you will become one of our Friday or Saturday regulars!

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