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2022 in Review - Hogs Back Brewery

2022 in Review

2022 was certainly a year to remember as we celebrated 30 years of brewing here at Manor Farm.....

Utopia Anniversary Ale

There was anniversary ale.....

30th Birthday Barn Dance

....and a 30th Birthday Barn Dance bash.

Brewery Gate kegs

Brewery Gate kegs landed....

TEA redesign

...and TEA got a make-over.

Live music at the Hop Harvest Festival

Who could forget our biggest yet Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party?

Little Swine bottles

Little Swine got even littler....

Hop blessing

.....and our hops were blessed.

SovereignTEA beer

We celebrated the Platinum Jubilee and mourned the passing of our monarch.

Digger in the Sunken Garden

 The Sunken Garden started to take shape...

Building work

 ......and the Great Brewery Tidy Up began.


The hops grew under the scorching hot summer sun....


...and with the help of the Hogs Back Hoppers, were harvested in record time.

Beers on hand pulls

Beers aplenty were brewed and tasted with the Tongham TEA Club.

Erecting the marquee

The marquee was raised.....


....and our new tenants moved in.

Rosettes for awards

We missed out on the awards....

Snorter and Snifter glass beer flagons

....but continued to cut our carbon footprint......

Local charities supported

.....and with your help, donated over £3,000 to local charities.

Thank you for making 2022 so special.  Here's to 2023!

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