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Wignac - Cidre Rose 33CL

Wignac - Cidre Rose 33CL

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Matured in the French Ardennes, the Goupil de Wignac is a 100% pure fruit juice rose cider. It combines an agile mix of 88 % of pure apple juice (68% of sweet, bitter and sour cider apples and 20% of eating apples) with 12% of pure grape juice (a blend of different grape varieties). Afterwards, juices need to ferment during several months in barrels before being assembled and bottled on the estate. Must be drank very cold, the Goupil de Wignac can be served with ice cubes. Gluten free and with a low alcohol content (4,5%), enjoy it for pre-dinner drinks and through the evening. It's also a perfect partner for your brunch!



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