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3½ Pint Snorter - Fresh

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Our new re-usable, glass 3½ pint Snorter.  Enjoy the freshest beer, straight from our Brewery, just as our Head Brewer, Miles, intended.  

Keep your Snorter refrigerated and in the dark, and your beer will stay fresh for 7 days but once opened, drink within a few hours.

After drinking, give the Snorter a quick rinse and return it to the Brewery for a fresh refill.

Your favourite tipple will taste even better as every time you use your Snorter you save money and there is one less plastic bottle in the world.

Order your refill for Click & Collect or Local Delivery here.  You will be charged this Snorter price which includes £5 for your Snorter.

But don't worry.  We will either:

- Refund £5 on Click & Collect if you return a clean, undamaged Snorter to the Brewery for a refill.

- Refund £5 on your on-line order.  When we deliver your fresh Snorter, our driver will pick up your clean and empty Snorter, and we will refund your £5. 

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