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Top Tips for Tip-Top Beer this Festive Season - Hogs Back Brewery

Top Tips for Tip-Top Beer this Festive Season

There's nothing like fresh beer.  So if the family are coming round for Christmas,  or you are hosting a New Year knees up or just want a quiet pint in the comfort of your own home, we can help!

Have a read of our handy guide to our beers and containers, how to order them, delivery & collection, as well as how best to store and serve them over the festive period.

Which fresh beer is available?

Hogs Back Brewery beer range

Cask beer:

- TEA, 4.2% - Our best-selling Traditional English Ale

- Surrey Nirvana, 4.0% - Session IPA

- Advent Ale, 4.4% - Dark beer (available in December)

- Yule Hog, 3.8% - Red rye beer (available in December)

- Mistletoe and Swine, 4.2% - A deep amber ale (available in December)

Kegged beer

- Hogstar lager, 4.5%

- Hog IPA, 4.5%

- Hazy Hog cider, 5.0%

Which beer containers do you have?

We offer beer in a variety of sizes from 1.75 pints up to 72 pints!  Choose from a reusable glass Snifter and Snorter, plastic PET bottle, Mini Keg, Piggin and Pin beer boxes, stainless steel Brewery Gate Kegs with CO2 dispense and firkins. Read more below.

How long will my beer last?

This depends on the type of beer and the container!

As a general rule, kegged beers lose their effervescence more quickly than cask ales. Glass and metal containers keep beer fresher than plastic ones.

Cask ales can be purchased as bright or sedimented in the larger size containers. Bright beer is ready to drink - just like in a pub. Sedimented beer has tiny particles of yeast in it to keep the beer 'alive', which drop harmlessly to the bottom if undisturbed, so lasts for longer.

To enjoy your beer at its best, we always recommend you drink your beer as fresh as possible. Whichever beer or container you choose, always drink it before the Best Before date on the label.

Our Handy Guide to Containers:

Snifters and Snorters

Size: 1.75 or 3.5 pints.

Unopened, lasts for up to a week.

Once opened, best consumed within 24 hours.

Brewery Gate Keg and Dispense Kit

Size: 5 litres (around 9 pints) or 10 litres (around 18 pints).

Lasts for 10 days.

Recyclable Mini Keg

Size: 5 litres (around 9 pints).

Unopened, lasts for up to a week.

Once opened, best consumed within 24 hours.

*Not suitable for Hazy Hog cider

Mini Keg of beer

Plastic bottle

Size: 3.5, 5.5, 9 pints.

Unopened, lasts for up to 3 days.

Once opened, best consumed within 24 hours.

Piggin and Pin - Bright Cask Ale

Quantity - Piggin 20 pints or Pin 40 pints.

Unopened, lasts for up to 3 days.

Once opened, best consumed within 24 hours. 

Piggin and Pin - Sedimented Cask Ale

Size: Piggin (~18 pints of drinkable beer) or Pin (~36 pints of drinkable beer)

Unopened, lasts for up to 3 weeks (please check best before date).

Once opened, best consumed within 2-3 days.

Firkin - Bright Cask Ale

Size: Around 72 drinkable pints of cask ale only.

Unopened, lasts for up to 3 days.

Once opened, best consumed within 24 hours.

Firkin - Sedimented Cask Ale

Size: Around 67 drinkable pints of cask ale only.

Unopened, lasts for up to 3 weeks (please check Best Before date on the label).

Once opened, best consumed within 3 days.

Easy to Read Guide

How to best store and serve your beer

Fresh cask beer should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunshine, where spillage cannot damage surfaces like floors and carpets.

- The ideal temperature for storing cask ale is 11-13°C.  But if you prefer it colder, it can be stored in a fridge.  It may develop a "chill haze" but this won't affect the quality and taste of your beer.

- The ideal temperature for storing kegged beer is 5-8°C whereas lager is 1-3°C and cider 5°C.

- We want you to enjoy our beer at its best so once opened, try to consume it within 24 hours. But if it's sedimented, once opened it's best consumer within 3 days.

- Always check the Best Before dates as beer should be consumed before this.

- Piggins and Pins may swell slightly but don't worry, just follow the instructions on the box to release the pressure.

- Sedimented cask ale has yeast in it to keep the beer 'alive'. It takes 48 hours for the beer to settle and the yeast particles to drop to the bottom leaving the beer above 'bright'. If you move your beer, it will go cloudy and need time to settle again. Make sure you settle your Piggin, Pin or Firkin in the same place you'll be pouring from but remember to check the temperature of the room is suitable. Protect surfaces and floors in case of drips and spillage.

- If you buy one of our firkins from the Brewery Shop, we'll provide you with all the necessary equipment and the shop team will show you exactly how to set up the firkin and pour it. You just need to provide the rubber mallet! Sometimes beer can be a little lively so it's best to set your firkin up somewhere suitable and protect surfaces!

How can I order my beer?

Order online for Home Delivery:

We offer a Local Delivery service (up to roughly 30 miles from the Brewery but please check our Local Delivery FAQs to check if your postcode is included) and a courier service to most of mainland UK. If you're looking for nationwide draught beer, we can only send Brewery Gate Kegs, Mini Kegs and Sedimented Piggins and Pins.

If you place a fresh beer order now for Local Delivery, we will assume you want it delivered now.  If you want it delivered w/c 19th December, please put a comment in the Notes box.

Our drivers will be very busy w/c 19th December trying to accommodate your fresh beer Local Delivery.  As a general guide for w/c 19th December, we will be delivering to our Local Delivery postcodes on these days:

Monday 19th December - our GU and RH postcodes

Tuesday 20th December - our GU, TW, KT, SM and RH postcodes

Wednesday 21st December - our GU and RG postcodes

Thursday 22nd December - our GU, RG and SO postcodes

Friday 23rd December - our RG and SL postcodes

Please bear this in mind when placing your order as you may wish to choose a container which keeps the beer fresher for longer, or alternatively to use our Click & Collect service.

Click & Collect from the Brewery

Yes. Just place your order online and choose the date you want to collect from the Brewery Shop.  Make sure you check our beer recommendations above so your beer will still be fresh for the day you'll be drinking it. Check out our shop Christmas and New Year opening hours.  The last day to place your Click & Collect order is Wednesday 21st December.  You can collect up to and including Saturday 24th December.

What is the last date for online ordering of Fresh Beer for Home Delivery?

The last date for ordering using our Local Delivery or national courier is Sunday 18th December so we've got time to process your order and arrange delivery.

We strongly recommend emailing the Brewery Shop in advance of placing any large draught orders.

Can I buy fresh beer from the Brewery shop if I haven't ordered it?

Yes. Pop by and our team will be happy to help and can pour your beer while you wait. Check out our shop Christmas and New Year opening hours.

Try Before You Buy in the Brewery Shop

Not sure what you fancy? You can normally try a taster of draught beer before you make up your mind. But please be aware that at busy times, it may not be possible to offer this service, so we appreciate your understanding. If you are planning an event and want to taste the range, please contact us in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Can I buy fresh beer from the Christmas Drive Through?

Swing by and buy the same range that's available in the Brewery Shop from the comfort of your car. Open w/c 19th December only. Check our our Drive Through Christmas opening hours. 


We hope you have found this useful. The team in the shop are here to help, you can chat to them in store, drop them a message at, use our live chat on our website or call 01252784495.

We'll see you very soon!

For all the latest news from the Brewery Shop, sign up to our newsletter below and follow us @HogsBackBrewery on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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